Monday, December 5, 2011

Real Life Day at the Collins' House

Last night Reed decided that he needed a chocolate snack.  He couldn't eat a bowl of M&M's because they have caffeine and he is trying to lower his caffeine intake. . .  So, he decided to make a cake.  He did it all by himself and it came out great. . .at about 9:00pm.  He was all ready to make frosting when I suggested that he just spinkle some chocolate chips on top. 

After we all gorged on a couple of pieces of chocolatey goodness, warm from the oven, I asked him to make sure that he put all the ingredients away.  I glanced around and thought he had. . . a thought that haunts me now.

I had to take Parker to the doctor this morning.  After x rays it was determined that he has a separated shoulder from the wrestling meet on Friday.  He's out of commission for a few weeks-  in a sling which is designed to produce sympathy from Mom and possibly girls at school.

I dropped him back at school, ran to WalMart to buy him pants for tonight's choir concert, and headed to the JH to pick up Reed.  When we got home I realized that the dogs had gotten into the trash. . .again.  Totally my fault.  I know they can open the cabinet and I usually put the bin on the counter before I leave.  Then Reed found it in the living room.  The bag of chocolate chips.  Or should I say, the empty bag that once held the chocolate chips?  Not some namby pamby 12 oz bag. . . not for our family!  The massive bag from Costco.  It had been 1/3 to 1/2 full.  Now it was empty.

I have two dogs that are twins.  Lewis is slightly larger than Clark, but they are both over 50 lbs and Lew is probably pushing 60lbs.  He's a real Collins.  Anyway, how do you know which dog ate the chips?  I smelled their breath.  Oh, yes I did.  I could smell the chocolate on Lew, but I wasn't sure about Clark.  Reed thought we should make them throw up.  He has never actually seen this happen so he didn't really know what he was getting into.  A tablespoon of salt down the throat usually makes a dog regurgitate whatever is in his stomach.  It worked for Lewis.  And there was chocolate.  Quite a bit of it.  I was starting to think that maybe Clark hadn't gotten into it, but I felt like I should make him throw up.  Salt again?  No.  This time I went to the big gun- hydrogen peroxide.  That produced an effect in about 5 seconds.  Quicker than we could get him outside!  It was wildly effective and he had eaten a LOT of chocolate. . .

Then comes the panic.  Do I take them to the vet?  What if they puke in the car?  How much is that going to cost?  Can I get charcoal slurry at Petsmart? (No- I checked)  So I did what anyone in my situation would do.  I called my husband.  He thought they would be fine.  I agreed and we hung up.  About two minutes later I was fretting when I got the text asking if they ate all the chips from the bag on the counter.  Yes.  Maybe you had better call the vet.  Ok, I think so, too. 

After I checked my bank account I called the vet.  She was concerned about the amount of chocolate until she heard that they were Irish Water Spaniels.  (As in biggish.)  She was glad that I had induced vomiting and she thought they would be fine.  I should expect diahreah and hyper activity. 

So, all in all just a regular day.


Joan said...

Fozzie did that few months ago. It is a scary thing.

Live From Mommyville... said...

Glad the pups are ok. It's like having a couple of preschooler's at home!

MOM/SUSAN said...

I haven't checked out your blog for a very long time and I'm not going to lie. Today's entry made me very glad I don't have a dog. It sounds harder and scarier than having children!