Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Urban {romantic} Getaway

Well, Ed and I had the opportunity to go to San Francisco this past weekend with some friends. Our main objective was to see "Wicked" and all I can say is that it was wicked good! It is my favorite Broadway show now. "Les Miserables" is #2 and "Mamma Mia" is #3. I need to add some more shows to my list!

On Saturday morning after having a yummy pastry at Eppler's, we walked around Chinatown. What an amazing experience! I hve traveled quite a bit, but never seen anything like Chinatown. We had a yummy lunch at the Potsticker Restaurant and we shopped heartily in the many tiny stores.

After taking our purchases back to the Westin, we took a taxi to Pier 39. We took a ferry ride out under the Golden Gate Bridge and around Alcatraz. It wasn't raining, exactly. . .more like a heavy mist. Ro and I got curly hair.

We ate dinner at the Sea Lion Cafe (where they have cheap straws. . .LOL) and then had a bucket of mini donuts in the taxi on the way back to the hotel. Then we had about an hour to get ready to see "Wicked." I really can't say enough good about the show even though we had the standbys performing. The woman who sang Galinda went flat a few times, but Elphaba was excellent.

On Sunday we toured the city on a double decker bus with an open top. We had to sit up top, of course! It was chilly driving around the city, but we just about froze to death and got blown away crossing the Golden Gate Bridge! That was crazy!!! After a wonderful lunch at Boudin in the Fisherman's Pier area, we had to head to the airport.

I really enjoyed the urban feel of the city. I can only really compare it to NYC. Every other city that I have been to seems tame in comparison. I was surprised how many people were out walking their dogs and how much green space there was in the urban parks. I think I could be an urban dweller for a year or so. . . Anyway, it was nice to get away without the kids for a couple of days- even though we missed having them share the excitement with us! It was a wonderful adventure.

Our Mexico Book

If any of you are interested in seeing more of our wonderful trip to Mexico, here's a link to our book. We have it printed and it's on our family room table so that we can remember often! If you would like to make a beautiful Heritage Makers book (it is SO easy!) just let me know and I will teach you!

Sunday, March 22, 2009


Leaving San Francisco

i⋅ro⋅ny [ahy-ruh-nee]
–noun, plural -nies.
1. the use of words to convey a meaning that is the opposite of its literal meaning: the irony of her reply, “How nice!” when I said I had to work all weekend.
2.an outcome of events contrary to what was, or might have been, expected.
3.an objectively sardonic style of speech or writing.
4.an objectively or humorously sardonic utterance, disposition, quality, etc.

EXAMPLE: When the weatherman in San Francisco predicted rain, we bought umbrellas. We had quite lovely weather. . . until we returned to Salt Lake City in a driving rainstorm. By the time we got home it was a blizzard. How ironic.

Returning to Salt Lake City

Thursday, March 19, 2009

A Lucky Break

Dalton, after he was moved to a regular room, with a worried-looking Parker

This photo was taken one week ago. Parker's best friend, Dalton, fell off a rolled-up practice mat that had been stood on it's end. He hit his head and shoulder and suffered a skull fracture and a severe concussion. Although he did have bleeding in the brain, it stopped on its own and the swelling he suffered was minimal. He really has no idea how lucky he is that he is able to walk and talk and function!

That point was really brought home this week as actress Natasha Richardson fell during a ski lesson, hit her head, and died of her head trauma last night. How quickly these tragedies can occur! How fragile is life!

How lucky we are to still have our D!

A New Attitude

It is amazing what a new hair style can do for your attitude. I was fed up with my too long, bleached out hair. I went to see Ashley at Dollar Cuts and now I've got a new look!

Saturday, March 14, 2009

A Difficult Week

Sometimes you just have to wonder why difficult life moments all seem to come at once. Maybe it is similar to the fact that once you have a cold and your defenses are low, you tend to pick up every bug that comes around. It just seems that there is an awful lot of trouble swirling around right now. Here's a representation of this week's tough events:
  • a good friend's mom is battling for her life, and seems to be losing
  • that same friend's sister may have cancer
  • my son's friend's little sister died
  • my "fourth" son fell and fractured his skull and will have a very quiet spring
  • my brother had some polyps removed
  • my sister-in-law's cancer is back for the third time
  • a good friend found a lump in her breast- hopefully a benign cyst

I guess the old saying of "When it rains, it pours" has been proven right this week. But, I live in Utah where it hardly ever rains or pours, so I am determined to look on the bright side of things.

  • Dalton may have to be still, but he's OK and now we will have time to have P,R, and D crank through some merit badges.
  • There are worse things than death. It is hard for those left behind, but a sweet release for those who return to their maker.
  • Medical science has made dramatic strides and our lives are generally enhanced by the treatments available and the early detection of illnesses.
  • Spring is spinging and the crocuses are blooming. The robins are taking over my back yard and the breezes are getting warmer.
  • Having the Gospel in my life certainly helps keep things in perspective. I am so grateful about that!

So, despite the week that has been, I am looking forward to the week to come with excitement and anticipation. I hope you are, too.