Thursday, June 25, 2009

I am a dreamer.

I have never considered myself a dreamer. I thought dreaming was a fanciful notion, not based in reality. Oh, how wrong I was!

A couple of weeks ago I had the wonderful opportunity of attending Dream Team 13. This is an event put on by Heritage Makers for it's up and coming consultants. It's purpose is to remind us of the power of dreaming and how it can change our lives. I didn't really want to attend, but when your oldest friend and your top team member wants you to go, you go. Although I enjoyed the classes and exercises, I went through at least 2/3 of the class before I had an AHA moment!

It was only when I remembered what my dreams were as a 4th grader, that it occured to me that they had all come true. And then I realized that all of my dreams from just a few years ago had come true, too. There's only one dream- becoming a college professor of music education- that has not come to fruition. Lately I had begun to beat myself up over that, but I realize that although I have been telling myself that it was a failed dream, I gave up that dream because I changed paths. . . and that is OK! I think I am in a much better place now- where I actually want to be.

So, now I am a dreamer again. I can imagine my life as I want it to be and I now have the energy and the focus to work on making those dreams come true. I feel re-energized and re-centered. I am no longer afraid to fail. . . or succeed! The vehicle to my dreams is Heritage Makers- a company that has a fabulous product that I love and feel good about sharing. What a blessing!

Do you need to start dreaming again? I can give you some pointers to get you started on the path, but the best thing you can do is get involved with Heritage Makers and qualify for the next session. It will change your life. It changed ours!

Dream Team 13-2 (Kelly's Group)

Back L-R Melodie Jones, Kaye Collins, Janice Constantine, Kelly Barquin, Chona Villegas

Front L-R Holly McClelland, LaCee Clayburn, Darby Stapelman, Anissa Vegh, Michelle Bell, Cherie Schell

Back, at Last

Mother's Day 2009

I stopped posting in April because all I had to say was, "Reed is still sick." But, I am happy to report that yesterday he told me that he finally felt good again- like before he got sick. That only took 14 WEEKS. That is a VERY long time- especially when you are only 11. He is now lactose intolerant, which had not been an issue before, but we can handle that problem with Lactaid.

So, here's a quick synopsis of life.

  • Baseball season is over for Reed, but Parker's team took third in the city and is headed to state tourneys.

  • Parker, Ed and I all had the Swine Flu. Check out our snouts on Facebook.

  • We survived the end of school and everybody passed everything. This is a triumph.

  • Colby is back in Marching Band, although the new teacher just quit. . .after only a month.

  • Reed and Parker are purple belts in karate.

  • Colby turned 16.

  • Parker turned 13.

  • Reed turned 11.5.

  • Ed still feels crappy and is going back to the doctor tomorrow.

  • Kaye went to Heritage Maker's Dream Team last week and got re-centered. She is on fire.

That's us in a tiny nutshell. We are busy, happy, and trying to stop catching every bacteria and virus that enters the neighborhood.