Sunday, December 18, 2011

Eagle with a Broken Wing*

My son Parker finished his Eagle.  This is a major accomplishment and we are very proud of him.  Each young man who sets the goal for Eagle Rank has a different challenge.  There is always some part of the process that becomes a stumbling block.  For some it is a certain merit badge or the daunting 100+ hour project.  For Parker the biggest challenge has been in completing all the paperwork- otherwise he could have been done a year ago!!!  But, it finally got done.  Phew.

Parker's project was to build a fire ring and seating area in one of the city parks.  He had a car wash to raise the money for the project and then worked with the Fire Marshall and the Parks Department to get the project rolling.  It was a good project and he did a good job getting it organized. 

Last Thursday night he passed his Board of Review.  It is an interview with seasoned Scout Leaders to determine if the young man possesses the qualities that BSA expects from an Eagle Scout and if they understand the values and principles of the BSA and have incorporated them into daily life.  Parker passed with flying colors. 

*His wing isn't really broken- but he's been in a sling for two weeks.  Parker has a "separated shoulder" from a questionable move in his last wrestling meet.  Hopefully it wasn't his last wrestling meet!  It is healing and now we are moving into physical therapy.


Live From Mommyville... said...

This is huge. Congrats to Parker and his marvelous mother who was his cheerleader I'm sure.

Joan said...

It's always wonderful to see a young man get his Eagle but I think the Mom's should get a little award too. She is usually the one pushing him through. Congrats to you both.