Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Hmm. . .

I love being a mom. 
  • I love that I never open a door.  There is always a handsome young man opening doors at church, school, stores, and even the car!  How pampered am I?  
  • I love watching my kids do karate, play baseball, play euphonium, and the dozens of other things they do. I am WAY more proud and excited about their accomplishments than I am about the crazy things I do.
  • I love hearing my kids laugh.  I think my kids are generally witty and hilarious.  Sure, we border on the crude and socially unacceptable. . . but these are BOYS I am dealing with!
  • I love being loved.  There is absolutely nothing better than a big bear hug from your son.  Especially when they are 17 and still give hugs- even in front of their friends.
But being a mom is scary, too.
  • What if I haven't taught them everything they need to know?
  • What if they aren't happy?
  • What if they get sick?
  • What if they end up just like me?
  • What if they end up hating me?
I can't dwell on the "What ifs," because they will drive me CRAZY!  I will just be happy with my awesome kids today. Now.