Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Recap of 2012

I can hardly believe that it is already 2013!  There were certainly times when 2012 seemed to drag, but taken as a whole, it zoomed by.  So much happened- here is a quick run down:

  • Lost 100 pounds.
  • Opened an office in North Dakota in April.  And just finished their second office a few weeks ago. 
  • Wired up the cabin so that we can see what is happening down there.
  • Got recertified to teach for another 5 years but discovered she is no longer marketable.
  • Bought a serger and spent many happy hours sewing- especially for Baby Gracie.
  • Still serves on the City Council.

  • Spent the summer working in North Dakota.  He made a pile of money.
  • Got engaged to Danaca Moore on Halloween. 
  • Worked at WalMart this fall, but got laid off last week, so he's looking for a job.
  • Healed his separated shoulder but then had surgery in November to remove an osteochondroma on his knee.  Soon he might get to wrestle again.
  • Got his driver's license. . . and wrecked his truck.
  • Hit six feet tall and size 14 feet.
  • Played baritone in the Lehi High School Marching Band and went to Washington, DC to march in the 2012 National Independence Day Parade.
  • Is on the Lehi High School wrestling team and has a JV spot at 113 pounds.
  • Has six happy chickens and sells eggs to the neighborhood.  We also eat lots of omelets.
Lewis and Clark:
  • Big Lew got hurt fetching the tennis ball at Thanksgiving with Madison.  He couldn't even get on the bed, but now has his hops back.
  • Clark sliced his tail open in January which resulted in a partial amputation of his tail.  This fall we have no idea what he did, but we came home one day to find a big chunk out of the end of his tongue.  
  • They are the funniest, best dogs around.  Except when they are being sneaky and stealing food off the counters! 

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