Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Where I'm At

I haven't had the easiest year.  I have definitely had some rough patches, but I have come through them and things have settled down.  It is amazing to me that good can come from the worst experiences.  I had no idea what I was supposed to be learning in August in September, but here's some of the lessons that are fresh in my mind.

  • I have lots of things that I like at least as well as and maybe more than teaching music.
  • My kids need my attention.  I tend to be a little selfish with my time and what I want to do, but right now I need to focus on them.
  • Honesty is always best in the long run.
  • I have more compassion towards those in pain.  I get it. . . sometimes your head can't make your heart stop hurting.
  • Some people do not deserve my time or trust.  Life is too short to read Facebook posts that are rude or to cajole people who stab you in the back every chance they get.  I can forgive them, but I don't have to keep doing things the way I have been.
  • Happiness is truly a choice.  And happiness and pain CAN co-exist in a weird way.
There's more to learn, but I am grateful that I am where I am at.

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