Sunday, January 20, 2013


I am really not much of a TV watcher.  From time to time I will sit and watch a program with Mr. Collins or the boys, but mostly, I enjoy doing activities and the internet.  A few weeks ago my world turned upside down.  Or upside Downton!

There is nothing better when one is ill than to relax and watch some mindless show on the tele.  Two weeks ago I decided that it was time to see what all the hullaballo about Downton Abbey was about.  That was a mistake because I was quickly hooked.  I blasted through seasons 1 and 2 and then re-watched them with Mr. Collins and Reed while they caught up.  We have even purchased the episodes of season 3 that are available on Amazon Prime so that we would be caught up to  watch on PBS.  And now we are waiting.

Here are a few goodies that I have found that show me I am not alone in my obsession.  Simply click on the photos to go to the sites!

Downton Abbey Bingo-
     Four different cards available for your viewing/playing pleasure.

Downton Abbey Paper Dolls-
    Not for children, but quite funny nonetheless.

Downton Abbey Printable Quotes-
    Perfect for framing.

"Free Bates" T-Shirt
   Available from

Downton Abbey Cookbook
    For only $11.70 you can have it from Amazon!


leisa t. said...

I so want that "Free Bates" t-shirt! Too fun!

Joan said...

Everyone I know is hooked and I have not seen a single episode because they say you have to start from the first season. I need to find where to get it.