Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Old Wedding Videos

Remember the days of VHS tapes and VCR's?  They are truly a thing of the past, but last night the past and present collided in glorious fashion.

With the upcoming nuptuals of Colby and Danaca creeping up on us (53 days), I am getting into the groove by watching all the wedding movies on Netflix and Amazon Prime.  I want to be helpful with the planning but that's not really for the MOTG, so I'm staying happy with the movies and thinking about throwing a shower.

Anyway, the other day we found a VHS tape that said "Ed and Kaye's Wedding" on the label.  I don't know what possessed Ed last night but he hunted down a VCR we had tucked away and we watched the video.  It was recorded by Todd Christiansen- a dear friend and the father of the flower girl- Jocelyn Christiansen.  It was fun to watch the video version of the formal photography session.  It also made me re-think ever wanting to shoot a big wedding, but that's another story! 

After we watched that video, Ed announced that there was another wedding video that was probably different.  He trotted downstairs and reappeared with a video that was shot by my brother, Bruce Foster, and it includes footage of the day before the wedding, the wedding day events, and the actual ceremony.

Here's the amazing part.  We have been married 21 years- almost 22- and we had NEVER watched these videos!  What a blast from the past. It was cool to see our first kiss as a married couple, but what was really awesome was to see and hear our parents, Uncle Ralph, Judy Brackett, Earl Bilodeau, Oaksman Smiley, Margaret Chase Smith, and many others who are no longer with us.  What a gift to see and hear them and to remember how they blessed our lives.

So to Colby and Danaca and Dan and DiAnna, we apologize for making you watch, but I wouldn't trade last night for anything.


Tanika Rice said...

Awe :) How cute, I wish I had been there to see it, at least for a little while :)

Kaye said...

Don't worry. . . we'll be happy to bore you with it any time you visit!

Joan said...

You have never watched it? Oh my goodness that is amazing. You better get it transfered to a CD before the tape goes bad. I would like to see it too BTW.