Sunday, May 15, 2011

Prom 2011

I am a little behind in posting prom photos.  Colby's senior has come and gone so quickly that I can hardly believe it!  I had all sorts of big plans, but mostly we are in survival mode.

Colby, being the good son that he is, decided he should mow the lawn on May 6th.  We appreciated his efforts, but he paid dearly.  Apparently his Allegra wasn't really up to the additional allergens. His allergies took a hit that took some of the joy out of the prom.  He went through a whole box of tissues in a 24 hour period. . .

He did put up with a few photos before heading out to pick up the other members of his group, but you can see by the look on his face that he just wasn't that into the photo session.  This was by far the best shot. . .

I was quite impressed this time around that the guys actually had something planned before the event began.  Usually I am prodding Colby to come up with a plan a day or two before the dance.  The hardest part for this event was finding accessories for Colby's tux that would match Brittany's dress.  I printed out color samples to match against that sash and I even visited the dress to make sure that I had a good mental image of the color.  Clash would have been bad.  From now on I will begin my searches for similar items at Men's Wearhouse.  They easily have 3x more choices than the competitors.

Colby picked up Nick, Heather and Brittany before heading over to Quail Park (which is the revised, somewhat snooty name of the American Fork Amphitheatre.)  They were running late because Nick forgot Heather's corsage and they had to go back for it.  When they finally did make it to the park, I whipped out the camera only to realize that I had left the memory card in the computer.  Luckily there was a Wal-Mart nearby, so Papa C went on a tear for a new CF card.   

It was fun to watch all the prom kids with their photographers.  There were some stunning gowns, some 70's tuxes, and lots of giggling.  What fun!  This foursome met up with Garrett and Kayla for dinner and then they drove up to the Prom in the mighty Suburban.  The Prom was actually held in a room at Rice-Eccles Stadium at the University of Utah.  All Colby had to say about it was that it was way too hot.  He is such a talker.

So, here is Colby with his special lady, Brittany.  She may look familiar because they have gone to every formal together.  That is SO against our family rules, but she is such as sweetheart that it is hard to argue that he should be dating other girls.  We met some of the other girls. . . and Brittany is an excellent choice.

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Live From Mommyville... said...

I was looking at Colby in church on Sunday and couldn't believe the young man in front of me! He's a handsome guy...allergy attack or not! are far too young to have a son going to the prom! Child bride...mmhmmm, that must be it.