Thursday, May 26, 2011

An Evening of Excellence

When I was in high school, back in the days when the stars shone brighter because they were new, it was a big deal to get a scholarship.  Most students did not get scholarships to go to school and if you did get a scholarship it was probably a fairly small one.  I think that I got one scholarship for $500.00.  And I graduated 6th out of about 500 seniors in my class.

Tonight we attended the Evening of Excellence at Lehi High School where we witnessed over 2.5 MILLION dollars of scholarships being given out to the senior class.  I was just happy to be there because it wasn't that long ago that I wondered if Colby would make it through school- nevermind continue on to college.  But because of his involvement and excellence in music, he has been awarded two half scholarships for next year. . . one at Weber State University and one at Utah Valley University.  He also received the Semper Fidelis Award from the US Marine Corps for musical excellence.  (And I had absolutely nothing to do with any of these awards!)

After the ceremony Ed and I took Colby out to Winger's for a late dinner.  While we were there he thanked me for making his senior year so great.  he said that he had loved having me as a teacher.  I managed to not bawl, although I could not talk for a while.  So, what I am tonight is one proud mama.


leisa said...

That's my boy!

Jenn said...

oh that makes me want to bawl! Oh I just love you guys!

Joan said...

See, I told you... 2 bags of candy and flowers for Mother's Day. Congratulations to your wonderful son.

Mags said...

And you should be one proud mama! Congrats to you all!