Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Jazzed about Jazz

Last night we had "Jazz Nite" at good old Lehi High.  It was a tradition when I was at Lehi before, but it hasn't happened in several years.  We held it in the Commons Area on the little stage and we sold some snacks and desserts.  Some of the desserts looked amazing. . . but I didn't get any!

Karrie Green was in charge of the decorations and little did I know what an over achiever she is!!!  (She reminds me of someone. . . hmmm. . . who is it. . . Oh, yeah.  Me!)  The open space between the commons and the hall was filled in with a wall of black paper glittered with stars and swirls.  A mirrored disco ball hung from the rafters while decorations hung on fishline waved over the dance floor. Just plain amazing.  I SO wish that I had photos!!! (If you are reading this and you have some, please send them to me!  These pics don't show the "wall"!)

My two jazz bands played 3 sets of music for the audience's pleasure.  OK. . . some of the tunes had slight issues. . . and one was a total crash and burn. . . but no one seemed to mind.  By the time we wrapped things up with Earth, Wind and Fire's September, the dance floor was packed!  It was a night of fun- which was the whole point, so I will call that a success.


Live From Mommyville... said...

YOU have all the fun. I've been looking for some lately and now I know who has been hogging it!

Joan said...

You are like a whirlwind Kaye. Sometimes I get tired reading what you accomplish. How fun for you and all your bands. I would like to see pictures too.