Monday, May 9, 2011

The Best Mother's Day Yet!

Those of you who know me well know that I absolutely hate Mother's Day.  First off, my mom is gone, so I just get sad thinking about how she isn't here.  And then there is church.  Although I know that the purpose of talks about moms is to be encouraging, it just backfires every year.  I usually come away from the Sunday Services feeling like a total and complete failure as a mom.  This general feeling is compounded by discussions of great stay-at-home moms (Hey!  I LIKE working!!!)  and quotes about how no success compensates for failure in the home. (Hey!  I am not solely responsible for failures in the home!!!) 

So. . .  this year we may have found a solution.

This Mother's Day was also our Stake Conference.  For those of you who are not LDS, this is a twice-a-year two hour service where we take 6-7 congregations and shove them into one building so that our regional leaders can speak to us.  They are usually wonderful meetings. . . if you get there at least an hour early to get a soft seat in the chapel so that you can hear what is going on.  Clearly we could not have 100% attendance or there would not be enough seats for everyone, so this year we decided to serve others by staying home.  (How is THAT for justification???)

I slept until 9:20am.  I got up and laid around in my jammies until the middle of the afternoon- well after I had eaten Ed's wonderful "Big Breakfast."  I was presented with a new office chair for my desktop computer that Parker put together.  I hardly know what to do with a chair that sports two arms!  I've only had one for so long that this is a real treat.  By the time I showered, dressed, and played a couple of games of Scrabble with Norm (the computer's name on my iPad) it was time for a very nice dinner.  Very yummy.  The day ended with a reception for Nate Seamons at the school.  That was great, too.  Except for the cupcake crumbs that I had to scrape out of the carpet. 

All in all, it was a lovely Mother's Day.  I got lots of hugs and snugs and I relaxed.  I think I'll be skipping church next year, too. . . whether or not it is Stake Conference!  But don't tell the Bishop. . . we will let it be a surprise!


A Musing Mother said...

Considered staying home but my girls were in the choir. They saved us a seat on the front row. I was 45 minutes late ON PURPOSE! Then my 16 year old asked me to PLEASE stop bringing electronic devices to her performances because it looks to her like I don't care. Then she started to CRY ABOUT IT! Because, dammit, I suck as a mother! She didn't say that part but I spent the rest of the day in just a ticked off mood.

Absolutely no segue here, but did you know AFJr is looking for a band director?

A Musing Mother said...

Interesting how I can't bring a teeny, tiny ipod touch (with scriptures) or a Kindle to a performance because it says to the 16 year old, "I don't care about you," even after taking her prom dress shopping, buying her shoes, getting a boutiniere (sp), taking her to get her hair done and even stopped at the drugstore so she could have gum to clean her braces out after dinner.

Speaking of dinner, I make it every night, drive them all wherever they need to go, give them clean clothes to wear every FRICKIN' DAY, juggle work (which I used to like but that's another story having nothing to do with wanting to be a stay-at-home-mother), pick up crap all over the house, make holidays special (except Mother's Day), play vacations, pack food, shop for all their needs and wants. . .

Don't bring an ipod or kindle because it proves that I DON'T CARE?!

Nancy might have issues. Nancy might need to go see the happy doctor again. Nancy has a huge guilt complex. Nancy is talking in third person. Nancy has hijacked Kaye's blog.

I really do suck.

Joan said...

Kaye, why are you so hard on yourself? You are a wonderful mother! You are always concerned with your children's school, music, sports games, and spiritual well bring. Get yourself to church next year and hold you head high and announce to those that pass out the candy that you deserve two portions plus flowers.

A Musing Mother said...

Nancy, who is still talking in third person because she is neurotic, is really a Caveman. She can sing the fight song with the clapping AND even do the cheer dance from 1983. Sometimes when Nancy is feeling sadistic, she makes students who claim to be from that high school attempt the fight song before she will post credit on their transcript.

And yet...

Different division. That's how I am coping. I look good in red. I look downright foxy in purple.

I'm sure you've already noticed that, though, haven't you?