Sunday, August 30, 2009

The boys went back to school on August 20th. It seemed to really creep up on us this year and I am not sure why. The evening of the 19th found us packing up the backpacks with all the "stuff" which I usually have done at least a week in advance. Ed was at a meeting in Vernal and wasn't even around to give the boys their "Back-to-School Blessings."

Reed is in the 6th Grade at Freedom Elementary. He has Mr. Shumaker- just like Parker did. In fact, Mr. Shumaker keeps calling him "Parker!" He is in the same classroom that both Parker and Colby had 6th grade in which is a little crazy!
Parker is an 8th Grader at Lehi Junior High School. He thinks that 8th grade will be a lot better than 7th. . . but 7th didn't seem that bad for him. Hopefully his favorite teacher will be his PE Teacher- me! I have to homeschool him for that class because it just did not fit into his schedule. We will be counting karate as his activity.

Colby is a Junior at Lehi High School. This was a big thing- he drove himself to school! He is really excited about this year's schedule because there are more classes that he thinks are interesting. Not excited about Algebra II, though. Oh well. Marching Band will make up for it!

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Britanee and Brian Walker said...

everyone said that this school year just crept up...didn't feel much like a summer. love their expressions on the 1st day of school haha