Tuesday, August 4, 2015

He Did It!

Reed was so frustrated when he broke his second knee last December.  He knew right then that his life and sports were forever changed.  No more sports with twisting and impact- just too much risk of further dislocations.

Luckily, last summer he started getting really serious about golf.  He had a few lessons and spent a fair amount of time at the driving range and chipping in the field.  He was even supposed to go on a golf trip with Stan Lockhart for his birthday, but that was the week that he broke the second knee and that Becky got really sick.  That trip was not meant to be.

As soon as the weather started to warm up this spring, Reed was back outside, chipping away.  He would putt on the carpet in the house and had to deal with Ellie stealing the golf balls!  He managed to get in one last round with his golfing buddy, Bennett Anderson, before he moved to Austin, TX.  Then he moved down to the cabin to work as a lifeguard for the summer.  One perk of working at SMR is that he got to play golf for free!  Some days he would play 9 and others he would play 27!

All the hard work paid off.  Last week they were supposed to have golf team try outs on Monday and Tuesday.  Monday was so incredibly windy that they cancelled the try out.  In fact, when Reed got out of his car at the course, he heard a crack and watched a tree go down.  On Tuesday they played 9 holes and he had the second lowest score.

Yesterday they had the second round of try outs.  They started at noon and at about 12:30 I got a call that he had forgotten his putter and he wanted me to bring it out to The Ranches.  Let's just say it is not just a hop and skip away.  The Challenger and I managed to hit every single green light between here and there.  Crazy.  Then, stupid SIRI got me lost in Eagle Mountain.  As I was going into the Clubhouse a dog scared the crap out of me and I scared another man walking!  As it turned out, he volunteered to drive the club down to the 5th hole where Reed was by that time.  The coach watched him play 8 and 9 and he got par on both of those holes- after he had gotten settled in.

As he was leaving yesterday, the coach told him that he had made it, but he would send him a text.  The text didn't come until late this afternoon. . . and now he has a tournament tomorrow down at East Bay.  He is pretty excited.  We were talking tonight and he said that he might never even be in contention, but that he was just happy that he was getting to play.  What a great attitude.

I am pretty proud of him.  Way to overcome, dude!

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