Sunday, January 12, 2014

Are you kidding me?

This photo was from last weekend.  Parker took it.  I love it.

On Monday I took Parker up to the University of Utah Orthopedic Hospital for a check-up with Dr. Burks.  He thought Parker was doing very well and that he could return to any activities that did not cause pain.  Of course all Parker heard was "You can do any crazy thing your 17 year old mind thinks up."  On the way home he wanted to stop at Scheel's to get a shooting sleeve and some head gear.  I honestly think he was planning on wrestling this weekend.  As it turned out, his knee is still sore- especially after a practice!

On Tuesday they got home from practice around 5:00.  Reed had tears streaming down his face and was dragging himself.  He got to the couch and then I took a look at him.  His knee was HUGE.  I immediately got some Advil into him and got some ice on the knee and he started to calm down.  I called the doctor's office and to my amazement I got to talk to someone who scheduled us an appointment at the urgent care.  Although that was a nightmare, I was grateful to get in so quickly.  Reed had x-rays that didn't really show anything, but the doctor told him that he was pretty sure that something was torn.  Poor Reed fell apart.  He's watched Parker and Dania, so he knows what the deal is.

On Wednesday we got in for an MRI.  I am still stunned at how quickly everything happened.  

 On Thursday the doc called with the results- torn medial femoral ligament and patellar tendon.  Patella has a slight fracture.  And the best part?  They mentioned that the cup that holds his femur in place is pretty shallow and that predisposes him to a dislocation.  LIKE I HAVEN"T HEARD THAT BEFORE???? After giving Ed and DiAnna the news, I kinda fell apart.  Parker called while I was bawling, so I think he gave Reed a heads up, because Reed took the news remarkably well.

Parker was recognized that evening as one of the senior wrestlers.  Colby and Danaca made the effort to come for that which meant a lot to me.  

On Friday Ed and I decided to go up to the wrestling tournament at Highland to support the team even though our boys weren't wrestling.  All of our kids were doing really well.  Garrett Batley was decisively beating his opponent when his knee went.  He was on the mat screaming.  It was WAY too much for me.  I did not see Parker or Reed get hurt, but when I saw Batley it all came crashing down on me.  I grabbed a bunch of trash and headed for a trash can that I knew was kind of under the bleachers.  I lost it.  Could not pull it together for a couple of minutes.  All of a sudden I had big strong arms around me telling me that Batley was going to be ok.  That Reed would be ok.  I have never been so grateful for those arms on my son Parker.  He was so sweet and so caring.  I have really noticed a difference in him lately, but I tear up every time I think about him hugging me on Friday night.  I did finally calm down but was weepy all evening.  Heavenly Father really blessed me with a tender heart, I guess.

Reed went back up to the tourney with the team yesterday, but Parker stayed home for his day date for Lone Peak's Preference Dance.  Reed is being a trooper.  His knee is huge but he is not complaining.  He just keeps plugging along.  He'll ice or take Advil if I give it to him, but not on his own.  What a blessing.

Here's a funny- while Parker was on his day date with Ashley, Cheyenne came over and left an invitation to Westlake's Sweetheart's Dance.  Oh my heck.  The boy is a playa.  

This was about the happiest event of the week.  
Parker had fun with Ashley Klingonsmith at Lone Peak's Preference.  
He was actually scootching down in the photo above!

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