Saturday, February 4, 2012

Staying in the Game

I surprised a lot of people by showing up at the Utah Music Educators Conference this weekend. I listed myself as a private instructor. Hey! I have a student- even on my main instrument! I only take students who actually practice and want to learn. Jo fits in that category!

Anyway, I really enjoyed all the classes that I attended. Apparently you CAN teach on old dog new tricks. I learned quite a few new ideas. I loved a performance by the Alpine Wind Quintet which is made up of professors from UVU. I went to classes on fixing flute and brass embouchures which were great. Being the geek that I am, I really loved the class on using technology in the classroom. I had used Audacity and Band in a Box before but learned some new features that make them more valuable.

One of the high points of the weekend was hearing the Utah AllState Jazz Band perform. Erik Sherman, one of my students from last year, was playing bari sax, so that was pretty cool. I don't really understand why these clinicians come and feel that they have to have the kids play only music that they have written, but that's what has gone on for the past two years. Odd.

So, I don't have a teaching gig, and I'm not sure that there will be any open that I will apply for, but during this retirement I am going to stay active and keep myself in the game. Cause I'm boss like that!

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