Saturday, February 11, 2012

An insidious intruder. . .

Sometimes things just creep up on you. You know what I mean. I'm not talking about Zombie Apocalypse or the end of the Mayan Calendar. This is much worse, because it is real. I am almost afraid to admit it, but

Ed and I have gotten old!

Tonight we went out for our Valentine' s dinner since I will be at City Council on Tuesday night. We were seated and given menus.

And neither of us could read them!

Ed thought it was too dark and I knew that I needed my reading glasses, so after a good dig through all the pockets of my purse, I found them, put them on, and started a dramatic reading of the menu. I soon found what I wanted and set my glasses down on the table. And then came the moment we all dread. . .

Ed picked up my glasses, put them on, and started reading the menu. Ok. That may not sound like a big deal, but that is a serious clue that we are old! I almost laughed out loud, but I didn't want to deter Ed until he had figured out what he wanted.

We had a lovely dinner, sat and chatted for a few minutes (sans glasses), and then paid the bill and left the restaurant. And that's when the next clue came. We looked at the clock in our so-awesome-but-I'm-having-a-mid-life-crisis car and realized that it was 7:17. PM.

It's bad enough that we can't see the menu, but to have your evening grinding to a halt at 7:17 in the evening is just sad. We managed to stretch it out with a trip up to Sandy to the Ulta store so I could get some foundation to hid my blotchy skin and wrinkles. When we got home at the more respectable hour of 8:30, Colby told us that he and Danaca were going to the movies- for the 10:10 show.

Can you say, "Rub it in?"

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Joan said...

Ha, ha, ha....been there, done that! Not to be the bearer of bad news, but it only gets worse.