Sunday, September 27, 2009

This is Colby and his beautiful Homecoming date, Brittany. Sounds like they had a great date. . . I know the restaurant was excellent since they ate at Big Ed's Steakhouse (aka our house!) There were five couples in the group and they had smoothies at Roxberry and went bowling for the day date. Photos were done by Phil Struthers and then we hosted dinner- prime rib, smashers, green beans, rolls, and a Ceasar salad. Cindie Roberts and I were the "waitresses". And yes. . . they left us tips!!!! After the dance we cooked up a bunch of Belgian waffles for dessert. I think they were all tired. I know we were!

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Britanee and Brian Walker said...

so fun! for the majority of our dance dates, we would eat at someone's house. i thought it was better that way. the parents always put together a meal and it was just the dates all hanging out. we were all friends, so it was usually a relaxed & casual feel. she looks cute in that dress!