Tuesday, September 8, 2009

And I thought I was safe!

Imagine my surprise when I looked at my blog tonight and found out that I had been hacked. . . by my husband! He is very supportive of my endeavors and thank you to all of you who are supporting my run for city council. So far it has been mostly fun. . . except for the one bully I ran into last week. After listening to him rant and rave about EVERYTHING for about 20 minutes I decided to push back a little. My daddy taught me how to deal with bullies! He calmed right down and by the end of the discussion we were almost friends. Scary.

I have been so busy that I don't have any coherent thoughts in my head, so here are some short ramblings.

  • So, how about BYU beating Oklahoma? Time for the west to gain a little respect from the BCS.
  • And why do we always find work projects to do on Labor Day? This year we stained the decks at the cabin.
  • I watched Camp Rock on the Disney Channel. . . and enjoyed it.
  • At what point do you stop having brown hair and have gray hair instead? Is it at the 50% mark or where? Ed needs to know.

Sad, huh?


Jenny S said...

Camp Rock is pretty good. Is it bad to have a little crush on the Jonas Brothers?? They are SOOOOO cute!

Joan said...

They may have to put me in the coffin with black hair. My top is gray but the back is still all black so it would look really funny if I let it go. 50%....nope.

Anonymous said...

There, it's settled. Thanks Joan. E