Sunday, December 28, 2008

Review: Marley and Me

Moxie the Ice Princess (November 1996-June 2007)

We went to this movie this afternoon thinking that it was supposed to be really funny. For sure, it had its funny moments, but it was far more serious than we had expected. In my opinion, it was appropriate for children, but pretty heavy. The movie is the story of Marley. . . from puppyhood. . . through his death. It was a little too much for me after losing two wonderful dogs last year, and I cried through the last 15 minutes. So, although this is a decent movie, I won't be buying it on DVD!

Myth Buster (October 2006-November 2007)

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Jenny S said...

Yipes! Don't think I would be able to handle it!! I still start crying thinking of Micro!! 18 years is an OLD dog!!