Friday, December 19, 2008

Happy Birthday, Reed!

I cannot believe that my baby is eleven years old! And here I am. . . only 29! We celebrated this morning with breakfast at McDonald's. It is also the last day of school before Christmas Break, so all the boys were happy to have a mini-celebration.

One of our weird traditions is that we don't really celebrate Reed's birthday. We will go out to dinner and have a cake tonight. . . he wants a cheesecake. . . and he will get one present (which hasn't arrived yet). Then, on June 19, when the days are hot and sunny, we will have a party with friends and he'll get a few more gifts from us. Since we have been doing the half-birthday "thing" for so long, it is no issue. In fact, last summer we had "Reedfest" when both Colby and Parker were gone for his half-birthday week!


Jenny S said...

He is 11???? Man...I feel OLD!!!! You are aging great for only 29, never thought I'd be older than my Aunt...hehehe!

Britanee and Brian Walker said...

thats a great way to celebrate! Gosh Kaye, another super cute page too...i'm so jealous of your talents