Thursday, September 18, 2008

Old Eyes

It's official. I have old eyes. I can't stand looking at the computer for too long because my eyes get all burny and watery. I can't see my scriptures anymore without these fancy little reading glasses. My eyes water more than they use to.

So, I went to the eye doctor because I'm way too addicted to Photoshop to not be able to be on the computer. He agreed that I'm getting older and cheerfully told me that my eyes would get progressively worse for the next 15-20 years. The reading glasses are here to stay apparently! But, the computer problems are probably due to dry eyes, so I have some groovy new eye drops next to my computer. Oh, and I have to remember to blink. I forget sometimes when I'm working really hard. (Perhaps I am a vampire, as described in the "Twilight" series!) The drops seem to be helping. Yeah!

So. . . I may have old eyes, but:
I can pretend I am having eye problems when I am reading something on the computer that makes me cry. I can pretend that my eyes are burning when I get all teary about some stupid commercial on TV. (I cry easily. . .) And, I can look really hot in my new glasses. As I understand it, it will only be a few years before I have moments of being REALLY hot! So, all in all, life's good!


Jenny S said...

Okay, get just wanted to look like Sarah Palin with the new glasses!! hahaha Just kidding!! They look good! See ya!

ScrapGirls Ro said...

Blink.. Blink...

Join the old-eyes club. HA!

Guess what? We canceled the purchase of the home in Saratoga Springs. Read my blog to find out about it.

We are now concentrating on Lehi! There are a couple of homes in Highland, one in American Fork and one in Pleasant Grove we are going to look at. But the majority are in Lehi. I decided I don't want to drive that far to shop.