Wednesday, September 24, 2008


The boys and I entered the secretive world of Geocaching this past weekend. I had borrowed a GPS (Global Positioning System) from a friend and was setting up an event for the Boy Scouts when I decided that I needed some practice. I registered on , printed off the information to find a few caches, and off we went. We didn’t have much luck that first night- we only found one cache out of the five we searched for- but our imaginations were sparked. Parker and I found three more caches on Sunday afternoon when we were out picking up the containers from the Scouting event. He is all fired up to buy a GPS unit and get going- we have discovered that there are about 100 caches in Lehi alone! So, if you haven’t tried geocaching, here are a few tips.

1. Look for larger sized caches- the micros are REALLY tricky.
2. Give your GPS unit plenty of time to lock in on the coordinates. Accuracy is important.
3. Have a stick, some gloves, and needle nose pliers with you to get to those tricky caches.
4. Make sure you have a pen or pencil to sign the log and then log your find on the website.

Some caches have small trinkets in them. You can take something and leave something of equal value. My kids love this type! There are some where you can trade paperback books or tools! These are called theme caches. The micros and really small caches usually just have a log that you sign before tucking the cache back into its hiding place. There are also items called tracking bugs or coins that you move to a new cache and then log its travels on the website.

So, you don’t have a handheld GPS unit? Give letterboxing a try! In letterboxing you have to solve clues to find the cache and then you will use the stamp that you find to stamp your collector’s notebook. Check it out at ! What’s better than a good treasure hunt?


Jenny S said...

How cool! What do you find at the end? Like what is in a cache?
ps Thanks you for checking out the pics I loved the fountain ones!!

Lynn@ The Vintage Nest said...

Hi Kaye, Thanks for popping by for a visit. That geo thing sounds like so much fun. Just the other day I was reading on someone else blog about letterboxing. It all reminds me of scavenger hunts which I always loved. Lynn
P.S. Loved the purple tights. :)

Carole said...

That's a great idea - to try hunting for the larger ones to enjoy more success! :-) Also, after awhile you start to develop "geosense" - you start to get an instinct for where caches are usually hidden and sometimes your "geosense" leads you to the cache better than the GPS! :-) Also a tip for you - often times micros are magnetic - so if there's say, a guardrail or metal sign near where the GPS is leading you, try checking those. Around here those magnetic hide-a-key containers are popular for micros. Good luck and good for you for not letting a few "DNFs" (did not finds) discourage you!