Monday, March 30, 2015

Removing Blogs from your Blogger Reading List

Maybe I am just really slow, but this issue drove me crazy for at least an hour before I figured it out. I am posting this so that I will be able to remember the next time. . .an maybe I can save someone else a headache.

When you are on your blog's dashboard there is a feature called "Reading List."  I like to use this to keep up on my friends' blogs but a couple of years ago I had connected to a lot design blogs and I wanted to clean things up.  I generally connect to my friends' blogs using Google Friend Connect, so I was having some issues.

1.  Click on the settings button for the Reading List.  It should take you to a new page called "Manage the Blogs I'm Reading"

2.  Next to the blog name that you want to remove, click on the word "Settings."

3.  Here is the key: you will have to sign in AGAIN!  How stupid is that?  Anyway, once you sign in you can click on "Stop Following."

4.  Voila!  You may now clean up your list.

These days I tend to connect to favorite blogs through Instagram, but I want to make sure I can always find my friends.

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