Tuesday, December 9, 2014

12 Days of Christmas- Dollar Store Version

Ever thought that you would like to do the 12 Days from someone, but it just seemed overwhelming?  This is going to be easy.  And it will only cost $12-$15!  You are going to need to make a trip to the dollar store, print some tags on your computer, wrap the gifts, and decide whether you will deliver the gifts one at a time or drop off a bag of gifts and let the recipient open them one at a time.

Shopping List- (if you can’t find these items, substitute something similar.)
Chap Stick/ Lip Balm Gloves
Notebook and Pen Dishwashing Gloves/ Dish Detergent
Crosswords/ Sudoku Book Candle
 Measuring Cups  Hand Soap
Candy Hand Lotion
Fuzzy Socks 4x6 or 5x7 Picture Frame Download here. 4x6 PRINTS
Any items can be used- be creative!


Print the “number” tags and cut out.
Download here.  NUMBER TAGS

Print the “labeling” gift tags and cut out. (optional)
Download here  LABELING TAGS

Wrap each gift with the labeling tag INSIDE the wrapping.  (No hints!)  Then securely attach a number tag on the outside of the gift.  You choose the order.

If you are going to make a one-time delivery, put all the gifts into a cute bag with a not of what they are supposed to do.  Our family likes to sneak up to the door, drop off the gift, ring the doorbell, and RUN! But, let’s face it, unless you have children who can run, that might not work for you!

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