Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Why did I wait???

Why do I wait so long?  It's not like it's hard!!!  I can't even remember the last time I had it done. . .

I am talking about having my carpets cleaned, of course. 

Every 6 months or so I see the ZEROREZ truck at my neighbor Laura's house and I feel guilty that I am so neglectful of my carpets.  That all changed on Christmas day when my silly pups opened and ate a box of brownie mix on my beautiful purple carpet.  What a mess.  I was able to vacuum most of it out once it dried from the licking, but it clearly needed to be cleaned.

I used to have a Bissell carpet cleaner.  It was handy to have when the kids were younger.  I was never sure that it really worked all that well, but it at least spread the stains out.  After watching my cleaning guy today, I am not going to buy a new one.

For $114 I got my Family Room, Living/Dining Rooms and Master Bedroom cleaned.  Honestly, I don't think the MB had EVER been cleaned.  What an amazing difference!  In addition to the carpets being clean, I washed down the walls and the baseboards, so everything is super clean and shiny.  Ahhhh. . . I can breathe! 

Since it was about 50 degrees out today, can I count this as spring cleaning?

* (not a paid advertisement)  My cleaning guy, Dallin, did a great job and was polite and professional.  I highly recommend Zerorez.

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