Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Success! and Hard Work. . .

Here's the Success part:

I have been writing this blog for almost four years now.  It's not flashy or exciting but it the story of us.  I kind of consider it to be my journal or at least my personal history.  It's always been my hope that someday one of my kids or grandkids will read it and think it's cool to have the stories and the pictures.

Every two years I have enough posts to print a book.  I use because it is so amazingly easy.  This year I decided to print two copies of the book.  I ordered it on January 1 and the books just arrived.

Colby found the box and I let him and Parker open it.  They each grabbed one and have been reading them for the last half hour!  Clearly they know that I have a blog, but apparently they didn't realize that they were a huge part of it.  So, success.  The purpose is a good one.

Here's the Hard Work part: 
Yup.  I actually need these stylin' reading glasses.  I have them everywhere!

I am taking a lit class from BYU Online.  You know those reports that say brain function starts to decrease in your forties?  Well, they are true.  Holy heck.  I was having a really hard time getting back into the swing of critiquing and writing.  The first lesson took me about 40 hours to complete.  There are 21 lessons and I have to be done by February 28!  Here's the good news. . . I have finished 7 lessons now so in about 2 weeks I have done 7 lessons.  And I am reading my two novels for lesson 8.  It's getting easier so that must mean that I am getting smarter again.  Hey!  Another success!

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