Sunday, June 5, 2011

I Finally Achieved the Perfect Weight!

It's not what you think, though. 

It has been a weekend of endings and beginnings.  Culminations and commencements.  (That sounds a little Jane Austen, doesn't it?)

Colby graduated on Friday from Lehi High School.  He had a rough start and still has horrendous handwriting, but he made it.  In fact, he was never in peril of NOT graduating (we had several of those students) so I was very happy.  He even has a half scholarship to UVU for next year, so things are looking good.
Friday night we had a graduation party for Colby.  (Thanks to all who came! We love that our friends support us since we have no family nearby!)  It's funny how one minute you have the party under control and the next you can't scoop ice cream fast enough!  What a blast.  Thanks to Scott and Cathrine for all their help!!!  (Ice cream has NOTHING to do with the weight issue, by the weigh way!)

Saturday was family portraits.  Close your eyes and imagine it.  We all go through it.  Why?  Because we are crazy.  I haven't seen the proofs yet, but I will share! 

This morning Colby was ordained to the office of an elder.  We were all bawling by the end of the blessing.  Bad enough that it would have been embarrassing to go to class, so we went home to get him ready for his flight to Arizona where he will march with The Academy Drum and Bugle Corps.

Time flew.  We managed to get everything done and stuff his duffel bag full.  As I looked down at the monstrosity sitting in my kitchen I mused that it was pretty darn heavy (probably over the 50 lb limit) but there was really nothing we could do about it.  Ed said that we would just pay the charge for it being too heavy and off we went.  We went through a LOT of tissues on the way to the airport.  I am pretty sure that Colby was dehydrated by the time we got there.  He hates goodbyes.  So do I.  I am always dehydrated from crying, so nobody thinks that is weird! 

We stopped at the Sky Cap and wrangled the duffel out of the back of the Suburban.  Ed swung it up onto the scale and I said, "How far over are we?"  The Sky Cap said, "You're OK."  with disbelief we all looked at the scale.  This is what it showed!  Finally, the perfect weight!

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