Thursday, January 22, 2009

Oh, Deer!

Last Sunday/ Monday we were down at the cabin. It was absolutely gorgeous down there because there was no nasty inversion. Ed, Colby, and Brayden R. were hanging out on the deck with no jackets. We noticed that we had some deer that kept appearing in the back driveway, so I started watching for them. It turns out that there was a four point buck and two does. I noticed one of the does eating some of the spilled birdseed off the surface of the snow. Then the buck climbed the two or three stairs to get on the other side of the feeder. He started nudging the feeder so that he could eat the bird seed. He even spilled some for the ladies! I took this picture from inside the kitchen, but it tell the tale. No wonder we are going through so much bird seed!!!

Reed was really excited that he got to have a friend at the cabin. This is Reed with Brayden C. hanging out watching TV!


Britanee and Brian Walker said...

that is a great picture of the deer eating the seed and you're so lucky to get away from this inversion and yucky weather/sky. wish i had a cabin...some day.... :)

Joan said...

They say there is so much snow that the deer are all coming down from the mountain because of no food. I didn't know they would eat bird seed though. What a great shot.