Saturday, January 10, 2009

The Lost Years

Edward M. Collins (Ed's dad) in the mid 1940's

As an avid digital scrapbooker who is pretty much caught up with present photos, I have been looking for heritage projects to do. Ed thinks I should make book about the boys' grandparents- especially since they have all died and that's a little hard on our kids. We were talking about how to format the project when I realized that we have no photographs of Ed's dad before he was 27 or so. This is one of those times when a simple project turns into a nightmare.

I started looking for some of Ed's relatives (not a close family) in hopes that they might have boxes of old photographs tucked away somewhere. Genealogical research is tricky anyway, but it is really hard when the people are living or have died in the fairly recent past. There are laws that protect our information, so I haven't been too successful. But, I will keep looking. In the mean time, I guess that I will just have to start from the end and work backwards!

So, if anyone has earlier photos of Edward Michael Collins (1913-1994), please let me know!

Pet Peeve for Today: Almost every piece of information has a price tag attached to it! Aarrrggh. I remember the good old days when you could join for three months at a time.


Jenny S said...

Wow he was a cutie!! Ed looks just like him!! Hope you guys are all doing good!! Jenny

Joan said...

Wow, his Dad was a real hottie. You really can see where Ed got his looks. Don't you just love scrapbooing because it gets you turning the hearts......

Jenny S said...

Happy Birthday to you!
Happy Birthday to you!
Happy Birthday dear Kaye!
Happy Birthday to you!