Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Whoopie Pies

Hearth Kit by Shalae Tippets, Decorative Swirls-Grunged by Lori Cook (Scrap Girls)
I have a deep and enduring love for Whoopie Pies. If you have never had a Whoopie Pie in New England (especially in Maine. . .) then, you have never really had a Whoopie Pie. Yes, there are many recipes floating around and many "similar" items, but there is something magical about these individually wrapped culinary marvels that are available at any gas station/convienience store worth it's salt throughout my home state. The first whiff of chocolate when you tear through the cellophane barrier heightens the senses, but that first bite. . . ooh. . . the fluffy but moist chocolate cake with the creamy, sweet filling. . . let's just say that it is nearly a religious experience.

My sweet husband was in Maine two weeks ago for his Mother's funeral and I almost asked him to bring me back a Whoopie Pie, but these are not items tht travel well in a carry-on bag. As soon as it came, the thought was forgotten. Until Monday. On Monday Ed walked through the door with two boxes bearing "" and a simple drawing of a Whoopie Pie. Immediately my heart began to race. I grabbed one out of the nearly empty top box (he had shared with his friends at work!) and tore open the cellophane. As I took my first bite of that confection, I was overwhelmed by my husband's thoughtfulness and homesickness for that state that still remains "home" in my heart. The tears started to roll down my cheeks- much to Ed's surprise! I had to take the boys to Karate, so I gave Ed a big kiss and dashed out the door. I think Reed and Parker wondered what I was crying about all the way to American Fork, but they are pretty used to how weird their mom is, and just let it go.

So, I don't really know what my emotional attachment to Whoopie Pies is. . . I probably need some serious phychoanalysis because every time I even think about this event I cry all over again! What I know without a doubt is that has just scored a regular customer!


Leisa said...

Oh my Heck - you have me laughing so hard right now. Remember trying to make them when we got to Utah? I don't remember if we really succeeded in getting the recipe "New England" right, but we sure had fun. Glad you enjoyed your Whoopie Pie. Ed is so thoughtful!

Jenny S said...

hahaha. Don't tell John Gregory...he might go into a whoopie pie coma!! Too funny!

Joan said...

Kaye, I notice you and I are the only 2 crying at church many times. We have sympathetic tear ducts apparently. I found your blog entry very touching. The thoughtfulness of sweet Ed, a little longing for home, a favorite treat from home that keeps you connected to Maine. I feel that way about Bing candy bars and Montana. You were probably subconsciously letting go of another connection to Maine with the passing of Ed's Mom. It all adds up to me. Let the tears fall. They are healing and normal to me. I don't have a fondness for whoopie pies, but maybe that's because like you said...I have never had one from Maine. The chocolate part looks yummy but the marshmallowy inside....I can do without.


Britanee and Brian Walker said...

I've never even heard of Whoopie Pies but I'm sure they're super yummy! Good for you and what a sweet, thoughtful husband. :)

Kelly said...

How funny-- I've been thinking about making whoopie pies, found a good recipe online, but now maybe I'll just order some. The artwork is just charming, AND I live in Utah too-- yep, a little farther north in Farmington. Small internet world isn't it?