Friday, January 2, 2015

Another New Year!

I can hardly believe that 2015 is here!  It really is true that the older you get, the more quickly time seems to pass.  This last year is like a blur- except for the two knee surgeries.  Those periods stand out in clear, dreadful detail.  And Parker leaving for Boot Camp.  That was a little traumatic for me!

I feel certain that 2015 will have its ups and downs, but I know that attitude is everything, so it will be a great year.  I am looking forward to:

Parker's Graduation and 10 Day Leave
Daniel and Tanika's new baby boy arriving in March
Ed's Birthday/ Our 24th Anniversary Cruise in April
Danaca's graduation from UVU on May 1
Dalton's Graduation from Lehi High School in May/June
Dallin and Frazier's baby arriving in June
Reed will be a Senior in August

This is one of those BIG EVENT kind of years.  I'm sure there will be lots of fun, quiet moments, too.  I just can't even anticipate them yet!

As for resolutions, I'm not that big a fan, but I do have some:

1.  Be grateful and let people know.  Write lots of thank you notes.

2.  Give 15 minutes a day to Heavenly Father.  No matter what.  This can take many forms, but it needs to be EVERY day.  (I've skipped a few in the past.)

3.  Either figure out how to make a photography business work, or forget it.  It can't be a half hobby like it is now.

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