Wednesday, November 6, 2013

The Results are In. . .

I will not be serving another term as a City Council Member.  The voters decided that they wanted two fresh faces, so Steve Holbrook and I are done.  I'm not upset about losing the election.  I was prepared for that.  I'm a little surprised that I did so poorly, but I deserve that since I did almost nothing.  The last 6 weeks has been a little too intense and I just couldn't do any more.

I am grateful for the people who supported me.  Ed did a lot of work for my campaign and never complained about the time or cost.  Ken and Reta Greenwood spent many hours putting up and taking down signs.  Jim Hewitson also helped with my signs.  Without them my signs would still be in a box in the garage.  I had several donations that defrayed the cost of running a campaign and I am grateful to all of those who supported me financially.  I feel the worst about them because they did not get a good return on their investment.

I am also grateful to the people who did not support me.  High on that list would be Parker and Reed.  Parker did help me put up one sign, but in general they let me know that they did NOT want me to run and they did their very best to ignore the whole campaign.  I know that my service has affected them adversely in many ways and I appreciate the fact that they put up with the craziness for the past four years.  I am quite confident that neither of them will ever run for office.

I cannot say that I am sad to see this chapter of my life end.  Many days have been difficult.  I like to make a positive difference in life and I was not always able to accomplish that.  I have let the tension and differences of opinion turn me into a far more negative person and that is not something of which I am proud.

On the positive side, I have been able to see some amazing things accomplished in our city and I have met some really great people.  I have been busy- which was something I really needed.  I have been able to affect some positive changes and I will be able to walk away knowing that I served the citizens of Lehi with my best efforts.

So what now?  That is what has me worried.  I feel like my life has been on hold, waiting for the results.  Now I can move forward, but I don't know which way to go yet.  I'm not very adept at patience, but I am sure that my days will fill without much trouble.  I just want to make sure they are filling with activities that mean something.  We shall see.


Unknown said...

What now? A trip with a few friends perhaps:)

Joan said...

You will find something that fits just right. You have that personality, which is why you can do so many worthy things. You are still so young and have lots of time to figure it out. Good job for the city Kaye.