Friday, November 4, 2011

Oh, Dear

I love to look at other people's photos of their children.  I love the sweet faces, wispy hair, and total absorption in whatever they are doing.  I even love it when they are pouting or crying.  I don't really have photos like that of my children because I was trying so hard to survive that I didn't get the great shots.  I got a lot of shots. . .just not great ones.  I can't beat myself up, though because that wasn't really the "thing" when they were younger.

Today is a big day at our house.  Parker passed the test to get his driver's permit.  I truly wasn't sure whether to be happy or to break down in tears and to ask the nice man at the DMV to rip it up.  Tomorrow I will take him driving, but not in my car.  But that is another post.

Anyway, we should document these big events.  So here goes.

Parker at 15-and-a-half. Addicted to YouTube videos. Learns all sorts of delightful things from them such as how to build a bomb with aluminum foil and toilet cleaner and how to maim himself with bike tricks. Parker likes to sit in his dad's chair and surf the internet. He even sits like dad. Scary.
This is the patronizing smile.  Available at almost any age, but particularly popular with teenage boys.
Check out that hairy leg.  Not to mention the plaid jammie pants and the lovely old man slipper.  Take note of the small cut on the ankle.  I bet he has no idea how he got it.
He remembers how his toe got looking like this, though.  After his THIRD ingrown toenail procedure the doctor may have been a little heavy handed with the liquid that kills the nailbed.  Parker got an infection that was unbelievable- it took twice daily soaks and prescription strength anti-bacterial ointment to put it down.  Still icky, three weeks later.  FYI- that ugly toe is part of a size 14 foot. 
Big hands, too.  Notice the small scar.  He has them all over.  They are from knives and other tools as well as bikes and wrestling matches.
The doctor says we are going to have a big boy. He's 5'9" and still growing. Those size 14 feet are providing a firm foundation for growth.In case you were not aware, the slippers your grandpa used to wear are now daily footwear at the high school.  I don't get it.

One of my favorite "things" about Parker is his voice.  It is very low.  I get the gigs every time I listen to the message on his cell phone because he made it about 2 years ago and he sounds like a little kid!  He definitely has a man voice now and he sings bass in one of the choirs at school.

OK.  So pictures of baby feet are way more adorable, but the fact is that babies grow up and that is definitely what has happened at my house.  But, I wouldn't have it any other way.  Parker's wry sense of humor, ability to do difficult tasks, and growing sense of responsibility are way better than baby toes.  And diapers.

Love ya, Parks!

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Joan said...

Call me when he's out driving and I will put the car in the garage. LOL Wow, I didn't know he was that old. Where did all the little neighborhood boys go? He's a good kid and You are a lucky Mama.