Thursday, June 25, 2009

Back, at Last

Mother's Day 2009

I stopped posting in April because all I had to say was, "Reed is still sick." But, I am happy to report that yesterday he told me that he finally felt good again- like before he got sick. That only took 14 WEEKS. That is a VERY long time- especially when you are only 11. He is now lactose intolerant, which had not been an issue before, but we can handle that problem with Lactaid.

So, here's a quick synopsis of life.

  • Baseball season is over for Reed, but Parker's team took third in the city and is headed to state tourneys.

  • Parker, Ed and I all had the Swine Flu. Check out our snouts on Facebook.

  • We survived the end of school and everybody passed everything. This is a triumph.

  • Colby is back in Marching Band, although the new teacher just quit. . .after only a month.

  • Reed and Parker are purple belts in karate.

  • Colby turned 16.

  • Parker turned 13.

  • Reed turned 11.5.

  • Ed still feels crappy and is going back to the doctor tomorrow.

  • Kaye went to Heritage Maker's Dream Team last week and got re-centered. She is on fire.

That's us in a tiny nutshell. We are busy, happy, and trying to stop catching every bacteria and virus that enters the neighborhood.


Jenny S said...

Woohoo!So glad everyone is back to feeling better! I know Ed will be better soon!!Great picture of you and the boys!! I can't wait for you to come in the fall! It will be wonderful to see you and for you to "meet" Kyle now that he has a personality! Can't imagine where he gets it from!! hehehe!

Britanee and Brian Walker said...

goodness! can't believe you all got the swine flu! glad you guys are all better (except for Ed, poor guy). glad you finally updated Kaye!

Taylor Clan said...

Swine flu? Swine flu? Oh, thank you! Now I know who gave it to us.

Joan said...

I love the picture of you and the boys!! Yes, you have had quite a run of health problems. Now you must be in for some blessings. Glad you are back to your blog.