Thursday, April 2, 2009

Finally a Diagnosis

Day 14 of Feeling Crappy.

Reed has been diagnosed with Pseudomembranous Colitis caused by Clostridium Difficile. He is taking Metronidazole. What a mouthful!

Basically, the good bacteria in the colon have been overthrown by the bad. Presumably with the help of the antibiotic that he was on for his Strep Throat. He has diarrhea, fever, and abdominal pain. He is exhausted and basically feels lousy. We have been pretty agressive in trying to find out what is wrong with him because he is SO sick! We just found all this out today. We still don't have the results of the ultrasound, but probably will in a couple of days. Hopefully he will be starting to feel better by then.


Joan said...

Kaye, keep a very close eye on him. That is what happened to Amy when she took an antibiotic for mastitis. She got so sick and it turned into C-Dif and she almost died and was hospitalized right after Enerson was born. A lot of Doctors don't know a lot about it. She ended up taking the most powerful antibiotic they make to kill it. It is scary!! She had the same symptoms. It is very serious.
I will pray for him.

Jenny S said...

Oh man!! Give him a hug and kiss from NC!! Let us know how he is doing!!

Britanee and Brian Walker said...

Poor Reed! Sorry that it's taken that long to figure out why he's so sick but hopefully the antibiotic will help him feel loads better! I'll miss you too Kaye and have already tried to scrap lots!! :) Rian doesn't feel the same way about it though and just wants to be held....we'll need to compromise :)

Live From Mommyville... said...

I hope he feels better soon. Jared had something similar when he was 3 he lost so much weight he looked like he was straight out of a concentration camp. It was a scary time. Hope your guy in on the mend.

Joann B said...

Oh, I'm so happy that Reed has been diagnosed -- it doesn't sound pretty, and could be downright scary, but I certainly hope he's on the mend & feels better SOON! Hope he's even doing better today. <3